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Turn your Raspberry Pi in to a handy weather display, perfect for showing weather at the moment, a day in advance or on an upcoming holiday!

The HAT comes with 7 super bright RGB LEDs, a large yellow sun, blue rain drops, white clouds/stars and a perfect yellow thunderstorm.Each LED can be dimmed or brightened giving some nice effects to the current weather. The HAT can also be used to create interactive games to provide an extra dimension of play.

The orientation of the HAT to look at means the Pi can be stood up on its side to be displayed nicely on a shelf or desk perfect for a quick glance at the forecast - Place next to the door so you know if you should grab the umbrella or the sun hat!



  • 7 RGB LEDs
  • 6 White cloud/stars
  • 6 Blue raindrops
  • 6 Yellow thunderstorm LEDs
  • 1 Large yellow sun
  • PWM/Brightness control on all LEDs
  • Orientated to allow the Pi to stand on the side for vertical placement
  • Control via Python
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