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LISIPAROI LED Light Ring/Flash for Raspberry Pi Camera

LISIPAROI LED Light Ring/Flash for Raspberry Pi Camera

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The LISIPAROI is an additional light source for your Raspberry Pi camera module, available in both White LEDs for the standard Raspberry Pi Camera module and Infrared for the Pi-Noir camera module.

The LISIPAROI can be used as a flash or steady light source, The white version is perfect for the standard camera module, illuminating your subject or providing much needed lighting when the lack of light causing an issue in your photos or video. Using the Infrared LISIAPAROI alongside the Pi-Noir camera module means you can take photos in 0 lux (total darkness)! This makes it the perfect addition for Pi powered security cameras, night time wildlife watching or maybe even ghost hunting.

The LISIPAROI can be attached directly to the camera module using the pre-existing mounting points and also provides additional mounting points should you need them.

The LISIPAROI can be powered by the Raspberry Pi or by an external power supply.

Brightness can be controlled digitally by PWM or analogue by varying the voltage between 0 and 3v.
  • White or Infrared LEDs
  • Flash or Steady Light
  • Powered by Pi or separate battery pack
  • Attaches to existing camera module
  • Brightness control
  • Additional mounting points
  • Perfect for security or timelapse photography


Type White Infrared
LED Voltage 5v 5v
Switch On Voltage 3.3v 3.3v
Max Current 240mA 600mA
Current per LED 20mA 50mA
Wavelength per LED 940nm
Intensity per LED 260mcd
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