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The Micro 10 (SW254-14)

The Micro 10 (SW254-14)

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Tool only. The all-new Micro 10 is an extended reach self-adjusting wrench that is ideal for small nuts and bolts located in tight areas. The spring loaded jaw of the Micro 10 offers several wrench sizes in one small compact package that will take up little to no room in your tool bag. Specifically designed for hard to reach areas, the extended reach handle of the Micro 10 will allow you to comfortably wrench on nuts and bolts in areas that are too small to accommodate a hand.



  • Minimum: 8mm or 5/16".
  • Maximum: 19mm or 3/4".


  • Length: 10" or 254mm.
  • Weight: .45lb or 204g.
  • Precision machined teeth.
  • Self-adjusting.
  • Ratchet action.
  • Extended reach handle.
  • Durable chrome finish.


  • Small nuts and bolts
  • Supply lines
  • Toilet bolts.
  • Ideal for tight working conditions.
  • Same torque class as a 1/4" drive ratchet.
  • Use of cheater bars voids warranty.
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